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Throughout the academic year we believe it is vital to complement studies with opportunities to develop holistically as a young adult. This not only develops new skills but also gives a range of extra-curricular experiences that can be used in a CV or in the UCAS reference.

All of these opportunities also develop a sense of camaraderie between the students and provide a break from their studies.

We encourage everyone to get involved in as many events as possible; all this helps integration into the Sixth Form community.

Our enrichment activities include:

Special Events

Throughout the year we will put on special events in order to build a Sixth Form community and ethos. This is an important part of the Sixth Form and one which staff and students enjoy. Examples of special events may include:

  • I'm a Sixth Former get me out of here! 

Based on the popular TV show I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, we intend to have our very own 'I'm a Sixth Former Get Me Out of Here!'  A few chosen Year 12s put their wits and face their worst fears in a series of challenges set by the Sixth Form Leadership Team each week for ten weeks. Challenges in other RET schools have included eating revolting concoctions and putting their hands into buckets filled with nasty surprises!

  • Rag Week

We expect this very popular week to help get our new Sixth Formers involved and integrated into the school community. As well as raising money for our chosen charity, the week involves fun events such as doughnut eating competitions, tug-of-war and traditional sports day events (egg and spoon, skipping race, bean bag on head...!).

  • The London Challenge

Students will have to get as quickly as possible to a series of London locations, take selfies, upload to Twitter or Instagram and then get back to school. First back wins the trophy! 


Latest News

Monday 11th June 2018: We will be having our 6th form Transition days on Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd July. All applicants will be receiving their offer letters over the next week


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